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     The Daytona Brew Club is a group of local guys and gals who are interested in the art and science of home brewing. We generally meet about once a month to share good beer, good ideas and good conversation.

     In addition to monthly meetings we participate in various other activities. Our 'group brews' are always fun events and always open to the public. The group will decide on a beer style and then throw out recipe ideas, when a concensus is reached we'll obtain the supplies and set a date. On 'brew day' we get together to share beer, food and fun and generally make a day of it!

Visit our events page to learn about upcoming club events.

     Club members also attend various beer festivals throughout the year. At these festivals members can share their creations with the general public right along side major commercial breweries, micro breweries and other home brew clubs. It's always fun to get feedback from the general public.

Here are some events we attend:

Deland Craft Beer Festival

Hogtown Beer Festival

     That's a brief overview of the Daytona Brew Club who we are and what we do. If you want to learn more visit our facebook page and see what we're talking about, check out our members and don't forget to join the fun!

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